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Crossing Svalbard Ski Expedition - West to East from Longyearbyen to Agardhbukta

This is a trip for you who want to experience the real wilderness on the east coast of Svalbard. With ice-covered fjords, snow-covered mountains and exciting wildlife, this is a fantastic trip that just has to be experienced!

Svalbard Level 4

9 days

Next departure: 04/18/2023 From NOK 21 900

Crossing Norway Ski Expedition

Come join us and see some of the best Norway has to offer and at the same time experience a real ski expedition.

Eastern Norway Level 4

8 days

Next departure: 03/12/2023 From NOK 14 900

Crossing Svalbard Ski Expedition - East to West

Crossing Spitsbergen will, for many, be the ultimate way to experience the magnificent Svalbard nature and be an introduction to the expedition life in the Arctic. With ice-covered fjords, snow-covered mountains and exciting wildlife, this is a fantastic trip that just has to be experienced!

Svalbard Level 4

10 days

Next departure: 04/24/2023 From NOK 27 500

Crossing Svalbard Ski Expedition - South to North

Crossing Svalbard from the south to the North is undoubtedly one of the toughest skiing expeditions you can do. It's going to be heavy, but the feeling of solitude and accomplishment will be your reward. The nature in Svalbard is unique and magnificent, for 30 days we live close to nature and each other with tents as housing and skiing as a means of access.

Svalbard Level 5

36 days

Next departure: 04/08/2024 From NOK 113 000

Svalbard - Nordenskiold Ski Expedition

With ice-covered fjords, snow-covered mountains and exciting wildlife, Svalbard is for many something that just has to be experienced. We test the expedition life in the Arctic and explore Nordenskioldland with mountain skis. An experience of a lifetime!

Svalbard Level 4

7 days

Next departure: 04/09/2023 From NOK 15 000

Crossing Folgefonna

Norway's third-largest glacier offers one of spring's most beautiful ski tours. With the start and finish in beautiful Rosendal, crossing Folgefonna will be the perfect ending to this year's ski season.

Norwegian Fjords Level 3

4 days

Next departure: 04/28/2023 From NOK 8 900

Across Jostedalen Glacier

Across Jostedalen Glacier is one of Norway's spring ski classics - and there are many good reasons why! In May we will have our own Hvitserk tour where we hope to experience all the reasons why this trip deserves its status as a classic.

Norwegian Fjords Level 4

4 days

No departures planned right now, tailor made possible. From NOK 6 900

Spring ski trip from Finse to Hardanger

Join us in what is perhaps Norway's most beautiful spring ski trip! Over the course of three days we go from Finse, via Demmevasshytta, and to the Hardangerfjord - just in time for the spring fruit blossoming.

Norwegian Fjords Level 3

3 days

Next departure: 04/29/2023 From NOK 8 500

Ski Expedition in Northern Norway

It is wild and exotic in Finnmark, and the ski trip across Finnmarksvidda is a nice test if you dream of a polar expedition. Here you get a taste of what such trips are all about, with endless mountain landscape, low temperatures, and many hours of skiing. The cozy, secluded, and traditional cabins we stay at along the way are also great locations to see the northern lights in the evening!

Northern Norway Level 4

4 days

Next departure: 03/02/2023 From NOK 12 900