Climbing in Romsdalen

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Multi Activity Level 3 4 days 4-6 participants


Note: This trip only runs in Norwegian for Norwegian speaking guests. 

This trip is a combination of an introduction to climbing and climbing in the mountains on the classic peaks Romsdalshorn (1550 moh) and Bispen (1462 moh) as long as the conditions permit us to climb them. We will start the trip with an introduction to climbing and safety techniques in a training field in Romsdalen. This isn't a complete climbing course, but a good introduction to mountain climbing that will give you the basic skill set for the rest of this trip. You will learn a lot of the same stuff as you do on a beginner course in climbing, but it is not a course that will give you any kind of climbing certificate. On this trip, you will put your limits to the test, but its usually when we are out of our comfort zone that we will learn something new, and we can guarantee you that everything will take place within a safe environment. 


  • Romsdalen - A perfect place for climbing
  • Romdsalshorn

The climbing in Romsdalen offers countless routes with different levels of difficulty, from the easy to the more complex. We have the option to adjust our program to fit the different participants, and if you are a rookie when it comes to climbing we will, of course, take that into account. Please let us know ahead of time if you think your experience is questionable for this trip by emailing us.

In Romsdalen all routes point upwards, and sometimes through quite a steep terrain, so it could be a bit of a challenge for people who are not accustomed to this. 

If we manage to climb Romsdalshorn via the North wall as planned we will try to climb Bispen. Here we will follow the South wall upwards before we finish it off with a short, but exposed ridge before we eventually will scramble up the last meters to the top. Bispen can also offer great views so we get to see the mountains in Romsdalen from another angle than yesterday. 

Maybe this can be the start of a new climbing chapter in your life?

In addition to being a great trip to spectacular nature, you will also get a basic introduction to climbing during this trip. We will go through:

  • Climbing
  • Securing
  • Abseiling
  • Climbing techniques


  • Choice of climbing harness, shoes and helmet
  • Knots and use of rope
  • Use of belay device, carbines, slings, and safety equipment


  • Routines of the rope team
  • Routines in the mountains
  • Local climbing history
  • Introduction by guide

NOTE! Be aware that the day to day program can be changed because of the skills of the participants and also the weather. 

What's included:

  • All accommodations
  • All meals
  • Local mountain guide

See more of what's included under the "details" tab

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Questions about the trip? Don't hesitate to contact our project leader below, or contact our office here.




For people who love to climb, Romsdalen is referred to as the cradle of climbing sports in Norway. In the 1870s, in particular, the English nobility was strongly present for the first ascents of peaks in Romsdalen. William Cecil Slingsby was perhaps the most famous. The Danish upper class was also represented by Carl Hall.

According to the legend, Romsdalshorn was first climbed in 1828 by 2 local blacksmiths! Kristen Hoel and Hans Bjærmeland made a bet in a rather intoxicated state, reaching the summit at Romsdalshorn. In hindsight, many found it hard to believe that they had really been at the top. When Carl Hall finally succeeded in his 7th attempt to reach the summit in 1881, he saw the over 50-year-old cairn already standing there. The cairn could (and can still) be seen from the valley. Since then, many have been at the top of the Horn, and many different routes have been climbed. The most famous climber on the Hornet is Arne Randers Heen - he was actually at Romsdalshorn 233 times!

Romsdalshorn is one of the classics in Norway, together with Stetind and Store Skagastølstind.


The climb to Romsdalshorn is graded from 2 to 4+. In other words, from very simple with good grips, to some more steep and difficult parts. We are constantly in exposed terrain and we feel the height while ascending. Bispen is the mountain at the top of Trollstigen with fantastic views to the "King" and "Queen", close by. Everything in Romsdalen is steep, including the approach to the climbs. You must, therefore, be in good shape and be able to walk in steep terrain both up and down. Bad knees won't work for this trip.

It is difficult to classify this trip within the rating system of 1-5, but you can expect the days to be challenging both mentally and physically. Please read more about our level of difficulty here.


Preparations for the trip will undoubtedly increase the yield. There is plenty of good literature on Romsdalen and the surrounding areas. If you find literature written by Arne Randers Heen, just dive into it! "Climbing in Romsdalen" by Bjarte Bø and Anne Grethe Nebell is recommended if you want to get into the climbing routes and opportunities in Romsdalen. If you have spent time climbing on ropes or have basic climbing experience, you will gain more from this trip with your preparation. 


Safety is always the number one consideration on a trip with Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure. If there is an emergency on tour with us, help will be able to reach you relatively quickly. We have a 24-hour emergency hotline within our office and the guide will always have the ability to contact help. Norway has excellent search and rescue operations throughout the country with evacuations available via helicopter or red cross emergency teams. 

Our guides have first aid training and have a selection of medicines and first aid equipment for the necessary treatment in the mountains. Hvitserk also has a partnership with (Trip Doctor) who can be contacted if needed for medical advice.

If you are on prescribed medication, have known allergies or similar, you must always bring your medication.

Hvitserk plans the trip days based on the weather, conditions and the group. Our focus is to take care of each other and work together in one team. The guide will have the ability to make safety decisions for the group, although the decision-making process will be transparent and involve guests in the process. 

We plan our trips so that we do not expose ourselves to unwanted risk. On this tour, we will always be close to each other, and if an unforeseen situation occurs - the guide will be present quickly to handle it.


This is a trip popular with Norwegians, so the main language on the trip is Norwegian.


You will need clothes for Norwegian mountain conditions during the height of summer. In other words, everything from light clothing to shell clothing with both hat and mittens. You will need good hiking boots, harness, sling, carabiner, and helmet. Equipment can be rented in Romsdalen. Please contact us in advance if you would like to rent equipment. We supply everything when it comes to cooking equipment.


We stay at the charming Romsdal Lodge, at the inner part of Isfjorden in Rauma Municipality. Here we will stay in double/multi-bed cabins of a good standard. All food is bought in advance and the climbers make meals together after the end of the day.

For daily excursions, we use our cars and organize joint transport with private cars. If you arrive by plane to Molde you can take the bus to Isfjorden/Åndalsnes, but from Oslo, it is almost as fast to catch the train. The private cars are also used as transport to the starting point for the trips, and the group shares the cost of gasoline.


You must have adequate health and accident insurance that will also cover any repatriation. Remember to bring proof of travel insurance on your trip.

Some general things to be aware o:

  • Some insurance companies use the number of meters above sea level as a criterion for what the insurance covers and whether they call it an expedition or not. Pay special attention to this - and check it carefully.
  • Some insurance companies require an extension if the individual journey goes beyond a certain duration.
  • Make sure the insurance covers the selected geographical area.
  • Some insurance companies have an upper limit on their cancellation and sickness insurance.

We recommend that you check that your insurance covers the following:

  • Cancellation insurance - must be taken out at the time of booking the trip. Check that the total amount of the cancellation insurance covers the total amount of your trip. If it does not, you should purchase additional cancellation insurance that covers the remaining amount.
  • Luggage
  • Responsibility
  • Delays
  • Lost the purpose of the journey. (For example, you can travel to Africa if you break your arm before departure. But it may not be possible to climb Kilimanjaro and sleep in a tent. Therefore, you should have insurance that covers the loss of the purpose of the trip.)

Changes may occur

We reserve the right to make changes to the program, and the price. The day to day program is indicative, and changes may occur. Please have a look at our terms and conditions

Price includes

  • An experienced tour guide from Hvitserk (+ any local mountain guides/instructors)
  • All meals from supper on day 1 through to lunch on day 4
  • Safety equipment and ropes for climbing (General equipment for the group)
  • Accommodation according to the program
  • Transportation by minibus on daily excursions

Price does not include

  • Transportation to/from Åndalsnes
  • Cancellation and travel insurance
  • Beverages
  • Meals and accommodation outside of the program
  • Personal hiking and climbing equipment

Other information

If it is close to departure, please contact us. Maybe you will be able to join anyway.

Day by Day



Arrival at Romsdalen Lodge

Accommodation Romsdal Lodge
Meals D (Supper)

The railroad (Raumabanen) with a connection from both Oslo and Trondheim goes to Åndalsnes. You can also fly to Molde/Årø Airport and then take a bus from there to Åndalsnes. The roads are also really good, so driving here can be an equally good option. It takes about 6-7 hours from Oslo by car. 

Meet up is at your own preferred time on day 1, but of course, the earlier you will get there the more you will get to experience. We encourage participants not to arrive later than 8 PM. If you want, there is a possibility to visit The Norwegian Mountain Museum during the day. In the evening we will have dinner together and share excitement for our upcoming adventure. 




Introduction to climbing

Accommodation Romsdal Lodge
Meals B, L, D

After a nice breakfast, we will head for the training field. Here we will get to try out some easy climbing routes. We will learn basic skills about equipment and treatment of the different equipment. Putting on shoes, climbing harness, gaining knowledge about the different tools, and setting up a summit rope. We will also learn basic skills when it comes to climbing, securing, abseiling, climbing techniques, etc. We will have lunch while training. 

After the training, we will go back to our accommodation. Here we will enjoy dinner together while talking about the upcoming day. 



Climbing one of Romsdalens greatest peaks

Accommodation Romsdal Lodge
Meals B, L, D

After an early breakfast, we will head for today's climbing goal. The trip we choose will be decided together with the guides so that the trip will fit both the weather and the level of the participants. Possible trips could be the classic one, Romsdalshorn, Nyheitinds exposed west ridge, Romsdalseggens "extreme route" with Romsdalen 1300 meters below our left foot, the beautiful and sharp Svartvasstinden, or one of the other peaks in the area. 

After we have finished today climb we will head back to Romsdalen Lodge for tonight's dinner and reflect on our first mountain climb together. 



Climbing Bispen

Meals B, L

After breakfast, we will head for Bispen. This mountain is an excellent way to end our experience, and the climb is stunning. The day will end at around 4 PM. It has been a long weekend with a lot of great impressions, but unfortunately, this adventure also has an end to it so I guess we can just say - We hope to see you again!

Note! The day to day program can be changed if the weather or other conditions indicate it. Activities can also be moved to different locations if special conditions apply.


Equipment list

Take a good look at this list, and make sure you bring everything you need. We encourage you to use what you have for this trip and purchase items if you're missing something important on the list below. We have divided the gear list into three categories:

  1. Required: If you do not own this gear, you must acquire it for your trip.
  2. Recommended: Gear we suggest to be comfortable, but it is not imperative.
  3. Optional: Fun, additional luxuries.  

Layering is extremely important in a variable climate like Norway. This list will guide you through the essentials. Remember the Norwegian saying "There is no bad weather, only bad gear", and prepare appropriately for any weather. You can read about the weather where you're traveling here

Advice on other essentials to pack in your pack from Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure on Vimeo.

How to pack for your trip to Norway from Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure on Vimeo.

Please contact us at if you have any questions and check out our gear page to learn more.

We always recommend wool in the Norwegian Mountains, but if you already have synthetic layers and don't want to buy new ones, synthetic is okay. 



Wool long-sleeved top and bottom.

MID-LAYER Medium thickness wool or fleece top.


A warm jacket for breaks before and after climbing. We recommend a puffy jacket with down or synthetic. Something equivalent in warmth is also okay.


We recommend one at 200-300g. 


Gore-Tex or similar is mandatory. Extremely important in Norwegian climate. The jacket must be waterproof, have a hood, and make sure you don’t get wet even if it rains all day. We recommend jackets with pit zips for ventilation. 


Climbing pants comfortable for all-day wear. Should fit your long underwear beneath and fit under your rain shell pants if you choose to bring some. Zip-off into shorts or an additional pair of shorts is an option. 


Bring 1-2 shirts for different trips. 


1 thin pair of gloves to protect your hands. 1 pair of over mittens for additional warmth.


1 warm hat.


2-4 pairs, we recommend wool, above the ankle, in your preferred thickness. If your footwear is not waterproof consider a Gortex sock option.


The soles should have good friction against the mountain.


This is voluntary. You don't need climbing shoes, you can use regular hiking shoes also. The choice is yours. 


Daypack for warm layers, food, snacks, water, and needed items. 20-40 liters.


UV rated, we recommend a strap to keep them in place and so they don't get lost.


Make sure the Chapstick has UV rated sunscreen in it. 


2-liter capacity. 


Personal basics: shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, etc...


Make sure you bring any personal meds you need on your trip and ensure the Hvitserk office is updated on your allergies or needs. 


To store items that are necessary to keep dry.


(This item can be rented. Please contact us if this is necessary!)


Must be a climbing helmet. (This item can be rented. Please contact us if this is necessary!)


Two screw carbines and one regular carbine. (This item can be rented. Please contact us if this is necessary!)


For climbing. (This item can be rented. Please contact us if this is necessary!)

CA 115-130 CM 6MM ROPE

For climbing. (This item can be rented. Please contact us if this is necessary!)


For climbing. (This item can be rented. Please contact us if this is necessary!)


We will sleep indoors. 



We highly recommend bringing wool underwear and bra for climbing. No cotton.


We recommend having a waterproof layer for your legs in case the weather is cold and rainy. You will enjoy climbing more when warm and comfortable.


A layer to protect your neck or face. 


We recommend a thermos for hot drinks to have with you all day.


If you have certain hiking aids specific to you: i.e. blister care or ibuprofen, etc...


It's important to be present while climbing, but also a great joy to bring some snapshots home with you for memory lane. 


A reminder to bring a set of clothes for transfers, relaxing in the evenings, and non-climbing time. An extra, dry pair of shoes is recommended for after and before climbing.



If you need it for the bathroom or lunch. 


If you have a bathroom emergency while climbing. We use "pack it in pack it out" ethics, so you will need to carry out your used items and throw them away later.


If you're a light sleeper.


In order to take notes and write about the trip.


Chocolate, nuts or energy bars if there is something particular you enjoy eating. You will have the opportunity to buy snacks on your trip.


If you need extra charging.


Dates & booking

This trip is also offered as a private tailormade trip. Travel alone, with your friends or family whenever you want. Send a request