Ski Expedition in Northern Norway

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Nordic skiing Level 4 4 days 5-14 participants



  • Start in the small town of Alta, in Western Finnmark.
  • Ski 80 km total over the trip with daily legs of 25-35 km each day.
  • Stay in authentic, simple mountain lodges each night to warm up and relax after a long ski day.
  • Relish the taste of local ingredients to enjoy delicious meals made for you after a long day.
  • Star gaze and watch for the Northern Lights each night in the dark, quiet solitude of nature.

Many people have a dream of doing a polar skiing expedition, and the classic crossing of the county Finnmark is a good start! Forbes travel magazine named the crossing of Finnmarksvidda one of the five most beautiful Skiing Adventure Tours in the world. The 80 beautiful kilometres in Finnmarksvidda is in the same area where the native Sami people have herded reindeer for generations. Herding reindeer are still a common occupation among the Sami, and we might see some of their animals during the skiing days. What we are guaranteed to see, is the hallmark of Northern Norway: the extraordinary light. During the day we ski in low daylight, and the sky shifts in a rainbow of dusky colors as the sun gradually settles. 

In clear weather, there are few, if any, places in the world that are better for seeing the Northern Lights. Surrounded by total darkness, our little group can enjoy this spectacular scenery exclusively for themselves. The tour does not require participants to be super fit, but you should be in relatively good shape to keep the pace steady and enjoy the experience. The terrain is gentle and flat, but you should be a relatively experienced skier to ensure you get the most out of the tour. You will be taught procedures, and given information and tips about how to best plan and carry out a winter expedition on skis.

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What's included

  • All accommodations
  • All meals
  • Professional nature guide
  • Transport within itinerary

See more of what's included under the "details" tab


Questions about the trip? Don't hesitate to contact our project leader below, or contact our office here.




Level 3 out of 5. Please read more about our level of difficulty here.  Finnmarksvidda ski trip is a ski trip that is best suited for people who love to ski long distances on mountain skis. The distances are long, so we recommend that you have gone skiing earlier in the season and that you prefer skiing experiences over several days. Watch out for the weight of the bag! If you have been skiing in the winter and have gone from cabin to cabin in the mountains in summer or winter, this is a fantastic start to the ski season!


You should have done some mountain skiing in the past and master day trips of just over 20 kilometers with a heavy backpack. In addition, it is advantageous that knees and ankles work well as the descent might be steep.

What to bring?

Have a look at the full equipment list by clicking "Equipment list" in the menu above. You need to have skis with steel edges. 

How to get there?

The tour starts and ends in Alta, and Alta has several daily flights (SAS and Norwegian) from Oslo and Tromsø.


We stay in unique and welcoming accommodations within the area. We stay in unique mountain huts in shared dormitories. We eat breakfast and dinner in the huts, and make lunch at breakfast and it along the ski tour. The huts does not have showers, but saunas. On the last 2 huts, they dont serve alcohol. It is possible to charge your phone on the huts, but they turn off the power during the night, so make sure to charge when you arrive or in the morning before you go out for skiing. 


We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance for your trip. Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure is not responsible for any trip delays, injury, illness, loss of belongings, family emergencies, natural events or other unforeseen issues that may hinder your ability to complete a trip with us. Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure is an adventure holiday company, and with an active holiday, there is always a risk of something as simple as a twisted ankle to keep you from your vacation. With trip insurance, your flights, hotels and travel costs can be covered if an unforeseen emergency hinders you from joining our tour, as well as coverage to fly home if necessary. By purchasing travel insurance ahead of time, you can protect your trip and yourself from issues that prevent you from traveling, and rest easy to enjoy your vacation.


Safety is always the number one consideration on a trip with Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure. If there is an emergency on tour with us, help will be able to reach you relatively quickly. We have a 24-hour emergency hotline within our office and the guide will always have the ability to contact help. Norway has excellent search and rescue operations throughout the country with evacuations available via helicopter or red cross emergency teams. 

Our guides have first aid training and have a selection of medicines and first aid equipment for the necessary treatment in the mountains. Hvitserk also has a partnership with (Trip Doctor) who can be contacted if needed for medical advice.

If you are on prescribed medication, have known allergies or similar, you must always bring your personal medication.

Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure plans the trip days based on the weather, conditions and the group. Our focus is to take care of each other and work together in one team. The guide will have the ability to make safety decisions for the group, although the decision-making process will be transparent and involve guests in the process. 

We plan our trips so that we do not expose ourselves to unwanted risk. On this tour, we will always be close to each other, and if an unforeseen situation occurs - the guide will be present quickly to handle it.


The guide will speak English.

Changes may occur

We reserve the right to make changes to the program, and the price. The day to day program is indicative, and changes may occur. Please have a look at our terms and conditions

Number of participants

Minimum: 5 people; Maximum: 14 people.

Price includes

  • Accommodation, 
  • All meals as described in the day-to-day program
  • Local guide
  • Transport within itinerary 

Not included in the price:

  • Transportation to the meeting point in Alta. We are happy to assist you in booking a hotel and give you advice on what to do if you stay extra days in Norway.
  • Drinks and snacks.

Other information

If it is close to departure and available spots, please contact us. Maybe you will be able to join anyway.

Day by Day



To The Historical Stilla

Accommodation Mountain Lodge
Meals D
Transportation 1hr
Duration 3hrs
Climb 40m
Descent 40m
Distance 10km

Welcome to the Arctic! The major part of Finnmark is composed of treeless tundra areas, either consisting of sub-arctic mountain tundra or low arctic coastal tundra. The tundra areas are interspersed with sub-arctic forests, mainly mountain birch forest. It is the perfect place to experience a true ski expedition.

Today, we will pick up the people coming on the morning flight from Oslo. Then take a one hour transport up to Stilla, the starting point for the trip. We then ski 10 km to Joatkajavri mountain lodge. Maybe we'll already see reindeer on our way there. Joatkajavri is one of the three remaining mountain lodges in Finnmark that the Norwegian state own. The lodges were established in 1840 because people such as the priest, district sheriff, doctor and municipal treasurer needed places to stay when they had business to attend to on the mountain plateau. The distance between the lodges was then set to around 30 km, bearing in mind the time it took to walk between them or drive in a horse and cart. Unlike many of the buildings in Finnmark, Joatkajavri was not burned down during World War II, and one of the oldest buildings dated from 1878.



Skiing across Finnmark's largest lake

Accommodation Mountain Lodge
Meals B, L, D
Duration 8-10hrs
Climb 200m
Descent 150m
Distance 30km

The day's leg takes us from Joatkajavri to Mollisjok, across Finnmark's largest lake Iešjávri. We leave the cozy mountain lodge in Jotka and look forward to the longest distance on this trip. Maybe we'll meet a herd of reindeer en route? During the day we will ski in mostly flat terrain. However, the few high meters at the start of the day will bring us up to the majestic Arctic landscape. You will now have the opportunity to rest your eyes on a landscape that is as big as it is beautiful. If the sky is clear, it is possible to see small mountains on the horizon. On the inner-most part of the Finnmark plateau, you will find the mountain lodge Øvre Mollisjok. The house has functioned as both accommodations and local work for generations. Our hostess for the evening is Margit. She is the youngest of 16 siblings who grew up at Mollisjok, more than 60 kilometres away from the nearest grocery store. 

If we are lucky, there are few if any places in the world that are better to see the northern lights than Mollisjok.



Across Orroaigiellasat

Accommodation Mountain Lodge
Meals B, L, D
Duration 8-10hrs
Climb 150m
Descent 200m
Distance 24km

Orroaigiellasat, or the Range of the Dog, as it would be if you translated the Sami word for today's area. It is a place full of myths and legends. The 24 kilometres we will ski today are known for windy areas and an immensely beautiful landscape. It stretches out in all directions, and in clear weather we can spot Finland on the horizon. With your hood over your head, you will get the real expedition feeling. After 24 kilometres we will reach today's destination, the mountain lodge Ravnastua. Surrounded by sparsely growing forest, you find the mountain lodge Ravnastua located within the wilderness. Here we will be served a traditional dinner. Remember to write your name in the guestbook! 



The end of the Finnmark Plateau

Meals B, L
Transportation 2-3hrs
Duration 4-5hrs
Climb 50m
Descent 400m
Distance 16km

The trips are not over before we have reached the very end of Finnmarksvidda. From Ravnastua, the skiing down to Assebakti is relatively short. Some parts of the trail may be challenging, but the day is shorter than others, and we are in no hurry. Look forward to a feeling of mastery, accomplishment and happiness when we take down the last 14 kilometres. 

Our taxi will pick us up at the end of Finnmarksvidda, and from there we drive 2-3 hours back to Alta. 


Equipment List

Take a good look at this list, and make sure you bring everything you need. We encourage you to use what you have for this trip, and purchase items if you're missing something important on the list below. 

Layering is extremely important in a variable climate like Norway. This list will guide you through the essentials. Remember the Norwegian saying "There is no bad weather, only bad gear", and prepare appropriately for any weather. You can read about the weather where you're traveling here.

The video below is for SUMMER gear, but you can get a lot of great tips for winter as well! Welcome to Norway!

Please contact us at if you have any questions and check out our gear page to learn more.

We always recommend wool in the Norwegian Mountains, but if you already have synthetic layers and don't want to buy new ones, synthetic is okay. 



Durable skis, leather clip in boots, and backcountry ski poles. 


We recommend blue and green rating. If you want to use skins, we only recommend short skins. 


2 sets of wool long-sleeved top and bottom. Warm, Extra Warm or Expedition thickness is recommended. 


A medium thickness wool or fleece top to go over your base layer. 


A thick, warm, insulated jacket to put on during breaks. We recommend a puffy jacket with down or synthetic. 


Gore-Tex or similar is mandatory. Extrememly important in Norwegian climate. The jacket must be waterproof, have a hood, and make sure you don’t get wet even if it rains all day. We recommend jackets with pit zips for ventilation. 


Bring an extra medium thick layer to add underneath your medium insulated jacket in case you get cold easily. 


1 thin pair of wool gloves to protect your hands. 1 pair of over mittens for additional warmth with windproofing. 1 extra pair of thick mittens in case yours get wet. 3 in total. 


2 warm hats. 1 thick, 1 thin. Make sure at least one has a windproof lining. 


4 pairs, we recommend wool, above the ankle or higher. 2 thin. 2 thick. We recommend a 5th pair that are extra thick for evenings. 


Backpack, 40-60 liter capacity. 


UV rated, we recommend a strap to keep them in place and so they don't get lost. Bring dark lenses with plastic frames, not metal. Bring a second pair of Alpine Glasses, these cover more of your face in case of strong winds.


Make sure the Chapstick has UV rated sunscreen in it. 


Insulated water bottle, 2 liter capacity. Do not bring a camelback bladder, this will freeze in cold temperatures. 


Personal basics: shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, etc...


Make sure you bring any personal meds you need on your trip, and ensure the Hvitserk office is updated on your allergies or needs. 


Waterproof shell pants. Gore-tex is best. We recommend heavier duty pants to keep you warm with zips for ventilation. 


Make sure you bring extra batteries as they die faster in the cold. 


To use when we are on the cabins



We highly recommend bringing wool underwear and bra. No cotton.


Recommended for storing your gear, keeping it dry, and compressing your down jackets to create more space. 


A wool layer to protect your neck and face. 


We recommend a thermos for hot drinks to have with you all day. We suggest a large, 1 liter thermos.


If you have certain hiking aids specific to you: i.e. blister care or ibuprofen, etc...


Be prepared for the cold. Insulating your camera will keep it working for the entire trip. We suggest bringing an extra battery pack. 


Cozy clothes to wear when we are not participating in activities. 


Strongly recommended to insulate you from the ground.


For sitting in saunas. 



If you need it for the bathroom or lunch. 


If you have a bathroom emergency while hiking. We use "pack it in pack it out" ethics, so you will need to carry out your used items and throw them away later.


If youre a light sleeper.


 In order to take notes and write about the trip.


Chocolate, nuts or energy bars if there is something particular you enjoy eating. You will have the opportunity to buy snacks on your trip.


If you would like to listen to music or an audio book while skiing.

Bed linens and towels are included all nights. 


Dates & booking

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