Along with our equipment list recommended for your trip, here are some key items to bring on any winter adventure! 

Never doubt how much joy a special treat can bring you on a winter experience:


  • Wool long underwear top and bottom, check out our Norwegian "netting" wool when you arrive in Norway, with brands like Brynje. The perfect base layering system!
  • Wool bra and underwear to keep you warm even when you sweat, try Icebreaker.
  • Thin wool socks for day use, thick wool socks for night time! Keeping your feet dry and warm each evening is imperative on a winter adventure.
  • A wool hat with a windproof material sewn inside to keep your ears warm and toasty. 
  • Sunglasses are key in a winter environment, make sure yours are UV Rated from the increased reflection of the sun on snow.
  • A wool or synthetic buff to keep your face from being too exposed.
  • Thin wool gloves for when you need your dextrous fingers and a thicker, windproof pair of mittens for over them.
  • A butt pad or Reindeer skin to sit on during breaks. Insulation from the ground is key to staying warm in cold terrain.
  • Big puffy jacket for breaks during the day and crisp evenings at night!


  • A water bottle with insulation on the outside to keep your water from freezing. We recommend a liter Nalgene you can add insulation to for warm or cold drinks. Or, a liter thermos to keep your water at exactly the right temperature throughout the day!
  • A small thermos or baby (a half liter) insulated Nalgene to keep warm drinks for the day's activities.
  • Dermatone skin protector and frostbite fighter to protect from chapping due to wind and sun.
  • A lightweight book of polar expedition stories to read to the group at night. Examples such as Roald Amundsen or Ernest Shackleton, or an adventurer you love and want to share!
  • Kvikk Lunsj, the traditional Norwegian hiking snack.
  • If you have a cell phone or camera, keeping batteries warm is essential to ensure your device won't die. Bring insulation for your phone, and keep batteries close to your body in a pocket while not in use. 
  • Bring a treat for the group from your home country! Sharing stories and culture from home is one of the best parts of an international expedition!


Get ready for your winter adventure in Norway!

7-day Snowshoeing and Dogsledding Adventure in Norway

Dogsledding and snowshoeing provide the perfect combination to explore Norway's mountains in the winter. Interact with local communities, learn to mush your own dogsled team, and make your way from winter mountains to beautiful fjords on this week-long adventure.

Eastern Norway Level 3

7 days

Next departure: 03/26/2023 From NOK 28 900