Oslo: Europe's Greenest City 2019

Interested in sustainability or experiencing a country focused on environmental health? Add this to the list of reasons to visit Norway. Although we are a small country, Norway is recognized globally as a leading example in sustainable infrastructure.

This year, Oslo has been voted Europe’s Greenest City. This recognition showcases Oslo’s dedication to a healthy and sustainable city environment, for its citizens as well as for the care and betterment of the Earth. As adventurous travelers, its our responsibility to consider the health of our planet when we plan new trips, and attempt to create a future that protects the places we love to explore for future generations. When transfering experiences back to our daily lives, Norway provides progressive ideas, goals, infrastructure and culture to spark changes in your own communities at home. Read here what all the buzz is about, and come explore Norway for yourself!

With a population of approximately 660,000 in the municipality itself, and surrounding population of 1,000,000, Oslo acts as a role model for testing new solutions, educating it’s citizens, and incentivizing locals to think, act, and create sustainably.  With 99% of Norway’s energy coming from hydropower, its low population, and only 4% of its land converted into human impacted areas, Norway has the opportunity to test solutions on a small scale, and see how they impact the health of the environment and people. Watch this short video below to glimpse how nature focused culture as well as accessibility impacts Norwegian citizens and Norway's bold goals for reducing emissions in the next decade. 



Oslo has set a goal to reduce emissions by 95% by 2030. In order to do this, Oslo will focus on increasing public transport solutions, and funding electric public transportation options, as well as improving recycling programs. One new technological development is the electric ferry being tested in various fjords of Norway. Ferries are a critical aspect of public transport in Norway, and necessary to link roads, islands and land across the many bodies of water present in Norway’s topography. Current claims show the all-electric ferry cuts emission by 95% and costs by 80% compared to fuel-powered counterparts, and the results are attracting customers. The aim is to reduce NOx and CO2 emissions, as well as noise pollution on the water, bringing a major source of emissions to almost net zero. There are already 53 ferries on backorder, waiting to replace current petrol powered ferries.



Here at Hvitserk of Norway we depend on environmental health to thrive as a company, but also to introduce people to the natural world we value so deeply. We try our best to contribute to a sustainable industry in Adventure Travel, and living in Europe’s Greenest City helps remind us everyday to do our part. Balancing nature with civilization is one of the biggest challenges we face, and Norway is taking this challenge head on. On Hvitserk of Norway trips, we will try our best to travel sustainably, teach our guests about Norway's sustainability goals, and show you the beautiful nature that Norway is striving to protect. Come join us and experience Norway for yourself!


 Photo Credits: fredrigl / Foap / Visitnorway.com and kenneth.spadberg / Foap /Visitnorway.com