Midnight Sun and Northern Lights, When To Go?

Norway is the ideal place to experience two world-renown phenomenon’s: The Northern Lights and The Midnight Sun. Read here what are the best times to book a trip in order to experience them:


The Midnight sun is a surreal and special experience for travelers. Norwegians are used to this strange phenomenon, joking that they “hibernate during Winter” cozying up for the dark months of the year, waiting for the sunlight of summer to reappear.

If you sign up for one of our trips south of the Arctic Circle, you will experience “White Nights”. During these months, May to July, it will be light in Norway 24 hours a day, even if the sun is just below the horizon during nighttime hours, so make sure you bring a sleeping mask if youre sensitive to light while snoozing. 

Above the Arctic Circle from May to July, in locations such as the Helgeland Coast ( Island Hopping), Lofoten (Hiking Under the Midnight Sun and Hidden Lofoten), and further North into Tromso, you will see the Midnight Sun in its full power. The sun will barely set each evening, and you will feel the energy light gives you at all hours of the day. If you travel to the Arctic islands of Svalbard, the sun doesn’t set between April and late August. The sun will remain above the horizon line, maintaining a sunset type of lighting during the wee hours of morning. Orange, pink, yellow and red light up the sky as the sun lowers, and then rises again right before your eyes.

When you book a trip in Northern Norway, you will be astonished at how much energy you have, how colorful the sky is at “night” and occasionally have trouble sleeping… in which we encourage guests to bring a buff to wear over their eyes at night. As exciting as our adventures are, they are full days of hiking, and we need you to be well rested! Join us to experience the Midnight Sun for yourself.




As the season of Midnight Sun comes to an end in August, the light in the sky shifts to allow us to see another Arctic phenomenon: The Northern Lights. Northern Norway is in the magnetic belt of the North Pole and regularly glows with Northern Lights. One of the best months for this experience is in September, in locations far North such as Lofoten and Tromso. This time period still allows good enough weather to enjoy hiking so far North, yet also give the opportunity to view Northern Lights. After September, the best months to see the Northern lights are between October and March. Here, taking a Northern Lights tour in Tromso or a ski expedition across Finmarksvidda is an incredible way to experience a Norwegian winter and observe the Northern Lights in their darkest contrast. Pinks, purples, and greens will dance and shimmer in the sky above you, so mesmerizing you could watch for hours.




Hiking Lofoten: Land of the Midnight Sun

Lofoten is one of the most iconic, dramatic, and stunning locations in Norway. On this tour, you will hike to beautiful mountain vistas, stay in traditional fishing Rorbuers, and explore Lofoten's pristine beaches and ocean environments.

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