How Did Traveling With Hvitserk Change Your Life? An Interview with Kathy Chislett.
  • Hei Kathy! Why did you choose to travel with us?

Hmmmm....where to start… The main reason I chose to travel with Hvitserk was because it was hassle free and all inclusive. When I looked at other local companies that had tours to the Highlights of our trip they were day tours either from Bergen or Stavanger and involved many extra hours of traveling. I like to experience a destination early in the morning and in the evening, not just the middle of the day with all the other tourists. It is a more rewarding way to experience nature. I really enjoyed hiking to Preikestolen in the evening, and returning to our accommodation with the sun setting. 

  • Do you have any doubts when booking with a new Adventure Travel Company?

My local travel agent who organized all our other travel arrangements couldn’t find the right tour for us. They suggested we stay in cities as a base and travel daily to each hike. I love multi day hikes and staying in the middle of nowhere to absorb the nature. Many people questioned my choice and the reputation of Hvitserk but she couldn’t offer me a better alternative. I asked soooo many questions via email (poor Marit) before I booked with Hvitserk and I read many TripAdvisor reviews. I felt it was worth taking a risk as it all sounded legitimate to me, but I wasn’t 100% sure since it is a small, local company. I was happy and relieved when we met our guide in Oslo. Very professional and organized. I had never heard of Hvitserk but I defs hope to travel with them again.

  • What was the trip like for you?

Reality was beyond my expectations...I’ve reviewed and highly recommended Hvitserk. It was special to travel as a small group. We had a wonderful tour and our guide made it very memorable. We have made great new friendships with people from around the world who share the same interests. I’m sure we will travel together again in the future, we are keeping in touch. 

  • Did your experience with Hvitserk in Norway transfer into your everyday life at home? What did you take away with you?

After arriving home from Norway, I entered a photo competition with an Australian women’s magazine...the prize was a free subscription for the life of the magazine and the privilege of being ‘cover girl’ for the next issue. To my surprise I actually Norway and Prest Mountain are now featuring on the cover. It is a great magazine about extraordinary women achieving beyond the expected and a great read for ordinary women like myself who just love to get outdoors and appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer. I’m so thrilled to be the cover girl of a magazine that encourages women (of all shapes, sizes and age) to seek adventure in the great outdoors.

Anyway, I’m sharing this with you as I had asked Marit for advice on favorite hikes near Flåm. Following this wonderful advice, I booked a taxi to take my husband and I from Flam to the car park of Prest Mountain. We thoroughly enjoyed this hike after our Hvitserk Tour. This hike is part of a new Hvitserk tour and I agree it is simply amazing and well worth the!

I must just say that removing my clothing is not something I usually do but the freedom in the Fjords produced an adrenaline high that encouraged a little crazy behavior. No, I wasn’t drinking! We had been enjoying our new found ‘Laine Time’ (moments of silence in nature to appreciate your surroundings and reflect) soaking in the views, the sounds and the solitude. Typically, this doesn’t last long as my husband Peter needs a lot more training at this, he struggles still and I’m still working on it! Afterwards he encouraged a little madness from our silence. So, at the age of 54 I have become cover girl for an Aussie adventure magazine...never have I ever thought of being a cover girl! I don’t exactly fit the mold but what the hoot! 


  •  Do you think you will travel with Hvitserk of Norway again?

I hope someday to return to Norway with Hvitserk, and I promise I’ll keep my gear on! I miss the mountains and fjords of Norway so much...such a special part of our wonderful world! I’m so lucky to have experienced Norway with Hvitserk. A big thanks to you all for giving me a new-found confidence to try something be a little more discover new things. I learned so much, not only about myself, but about Norway, her people, her history, her nature… I’m forever grateful!

Cheers to you all and a big thanks once again for your wonderful work!

Kathy (and Peter) Chislett



Hike Trolltunga, Preikestolen and Kjerag

Hike Trolltunga ("The Troll’s Tongue"), Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), Kjerag (Kjerag Bolten) in Norway, and trek Norway's third biggest glacier, all in just 6 days!

Norwegian Fjords Level 3

6 days

Next departure: 06/04/2023 From NOK 29 000