A Day with Hvitserk of Norway

24 hours on an adventure with Hvitserk of Norway looks like this! With an excellent eye for details, our adventure tours are designed to ensure the best Norwegian adventure experience possible.


If you have a look at our tours, you will see that we like to use housing that either is locally owned, old and authentic, with a particular design, or a combination of everything. Though Norway is most famous for the beautiful nature, and natural wonders, you find numerous new and traditional beautifully made accommodations that we love.

In our opinion, staying in a place representative for the area that you visit, enhances the experience with something extra. A beautifully made or kept building has a lot of interesting stories connected to it.

Therefore, when Hiking in Lofoten for example, we stay in the traditional fisherman houses – or "Rorbuer" as we call them. They were used by fishermen for generations – now by us. Of course, upgraded to meet today’s standards. But, the authenticity still lives within the walls.

The same goes for the Utne Hotel you stay in when visiting Trolltunga from Bergen. Or Union Øye at our fjord hike, or Brosundet on the same tour. The list goes on. 


Years of experience have taught us that the group size is essential for experiencing the destination and their culture. When we travel in small groups, we get closer to the culture and each other. Performing activities together in small groups, opens for a closer, more personal, and eventually authentic experience of the destination. On more demanding tours, group size is also a matter of safety. And safety is always first.


Our food has four ingredients: it should whenever possible, be fresh, healthy, organic, and local. Healthy eating is especially important while on an active holiday, it should be healthy for you, and healthy for the environment. 

Simultaneously, food is also an experience of the place. In many ways, eating local food is like educational meetings centuries back in time. Remember what you talked about after your last holiday? We bet that a meal was among your top three shared memories.



Adventures are the main ingredient in our holidays. Hvitserk of Norway's simple goal is to show the most beautiful adventure tours that Norway had to offer. Our tours last for multiple days, and they combine both known natural wonders, and other hidden gems. Every day, something new and exciting. One day you can enjoy the beautiful view from Trolltunga, and the day after you will be hiking on the glacier who shaped the landscape. 

The weather can change, so we have to flexible. Our tours are designed to provide us with multiple options. For example, when at Trolltunga, our guides check the weather for the coming days, and we choose the day that will give us the best view of the stunning rock formation. 

In Lofoten, you will experience landscape worthy of any postcard. Hiking straight from the sea and upwards the peaky mountains. Getting used to such beauty is impossible. 

And the best of it all – that was just a fraction of the adventures you can experience with Hvitserk.


Probably the most important thing on our tours, are the things that you do not see with you're eyes. Rooted in the Norwegian free life culture lies the idea of leaving no traces. The same goes for any adventure with Hvitserk. It is our fundament that all exploring happens with respect for nature, and the cultures that we visit. 

In Norway, you can drink water straight from most streams running in the mountains. We try avoiding using plastic bottles, and when we have to use such materials, it is always a product with the best durability possible. 

Overall, we are here to show you the beauty and magic that Norway has to offer. Sharing the secret knowledge of the locals while showing you some of the internationally recognized highlights. More than anything, we want to teach you about Norwegian nature, culture and traditions. We hope you enjoy your travels with us!