5 Reasons to Choose Norway for the Northern Lights


1. A Cultural Experience- meet the locals. Winter is a quiet and social time period in Norway. Where friends and family cuddle up under blankets by the fire, bake delicious homemade goodies, and light lots of candles to create a “koselig” environment. This Norwegian concept is not directly translatable to English, but in its essence, it encourages cozy time with family and friends, where you feel at home and relaxed. The atmosphere in Norway during the winter is calm, easy-going and presents ample opportunity to socialize with those you care about. Bringing family or friends away from daily life, turning cell phones off, and a do not disturb email response, gives you the much needed time away that every vacationer deserves. If you want to travel alone, you’ll meet like-minded travelers and locals that will show you how to relax and take it all in- The Norwegian Way.

2. Easy to Reach Destinations-Travel always involves logistics, time and money. In Norway, our easy to reach Capital City of Oslo has international flights daily from around the world. Not only will you be able to reach our country easily, but also can take short and direct flights to Bodø, Longyearbyen or Tromsø in order to join one of our Northern Lights Tours. You will always have to travel, but the ease of reaching Norway makes this destination quite a catch.


3. Unique and Traditional Accommodations-A journey to Norway to view the lights is not only a good bet to see an incredible spectacle- but also ensures a traditional experience. Norwegians have thousands of years to learn how to do winter right. And you can experience the long-lived culture for yourself in the dead of winter under the dancing night sky. Taking time to sit back and relax in the sauna, with a view of Northern Lights out the window, is the ultimate means of relaxation in the far north. Sleeping in a cozy Lavvo on Reindeer skins, a fire burning through the night, is the experience of a lifetime. Or, spend the night in a cozy cabin. Candles lit, soft and quiet lighting, and take some well-earned moments to relax, have a glass of wine and soak it all in. Follow this up with a delicious, hot Norwegian three-course dinner-and you have quite the vacation.

4. Multiple Activities-Our Northern Lights tours offer not only viewing of the lights but also activities created around traveler’s Aurora Borealis goals. The opportunity to observe Northern Lights comes and goes depending on the forecast in any destination, so they are never guaranteed. But don't worry, chances are high in Norway you will experience the lights, yet we plan ahead to make sure you have a worthy adventure no matter what. Want to ice climb? Dog-sled? Icefish? Ski? Meet Reindeer? Be introduced to the indigenous Sami culture? On a trip with Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure, not only will you have vast opportunity to view the lights, but also enjoy the daily experience of trying new things in the Norwegian winter.

5. Remote Setting-Norway has the benefit of a low population of people, vast amounts of wild space, and a dedication to nature. Not to mention the stunning and dramatic beauty of the country itself. Northern Lights are common in Norway and occur often from September to February. The small amounts of light pollution make your chances of seeing spectacular lights much higher, not to mention the stars. Overall, Norway has few people, with great chances of viewing the lights. What's not to love?