10 Stunning Places to Stay in Norway

Unique accommodations to equal their stunning surroundings. Read about our top 10 locations to stay in Norway here, and get inspired!












A small, quiet town in the middle of Hardangerfjord surrounded by fantastic nature, steep mountains and beautiful fjord views. Rosendal is the perfect place to relax, take a swim in the fjord, and seek some calmness away from the tourist crowds. Rosendal Turist Hotel is a family owned, warm and welcoming guest house. Recently renovated, this charming accommodation will welcome you with homemade and local food, an outdoor patio, and gorgeous sunsets every evening.
You can visit Rosendal on our Icons or Trolltunga, Preikestolen and Kjerag trips!




This unique, secluded and private accommodation lies deep within Lysefjord. It is only accessible via four ferries per day, and there is no road access to this isolated hamlet. Surrounding you are steep fjord walls, looking out over the bright and beautiful Lysefjord. This historical site is known for its hydropower history, and includes a small museum in the old Hydro-Plant. At this location you can hike up the longest wooden staircase in the world, following an old hydro line to the top of the mountains surrounding the fjord.  It is the ultimate place to relax, run by Hessel, a kind and motivated Dutch man who has dedicated his life to building Flørli into a wonderful basecamp for outdoor enthusiasts and place to relax, breathe and enjoy the silence of the fjordscape. There is no accommodation that offers more of a warm, homey and welcoming atmosphere, and the views are absolutely breath taking.
You can visit Flørli on our Trolltunga, Preikestolen and Kjerag or Icons trips!



Finse is located at the highest point along the Bergen Railway, 1,222 meters above sea level. This accommodation lies just outside Hardangervidda, one of Norway’s first National Parks with expansive wilderness to ski, hike and find seclusion in the mountains. First opened in 1909, Finse is only accessible by train, bicycle, or foot. To find a true mountain experience, culture and setting, Finse provides incredible access to trail systems, a remote and cozy feeling, and stunning high mountain plateaus. There really is no better base in Norway to explore this unique area… they even filmed Star Wars-The Empire Strikes Back as the snow planet Hoth here in 1979! Hosting the entire cast and crew!
You can visit Finse on our Hiking, Biking, Kayaking trip!



Located at the foot of the famous Rødøyløva on the Helgeland Coast, this beautiful manor house greets travelers with hospitality and warmth. Isolated on a far away island off the coast, they are known for their incredible, local culinary cuisine with traditional Norwegian dishes that will leave your mouth watering. Originally built in 1904, this century old accommodation used to be an old school house for the local children before shifting over into a barn for local stock (yes, you heard that correctly). In 1997 the building were renovated into what we have today, the local community claiming “no thing is impossible” as they set out to save this historical landmark, and turn it into a hotel. Overlooking the ocean, with Rødøy looming above you, you can feel the true heritage of Norwegian’s connections to nature.
You can visit Klokkegården on our Island Hopping trip!



The Preist’s Farm. This old and beautiful accommodation holds so much history and character, it is a treat within itself to stay here. Snuggled into the base of Værøy, this hospitable, family run and operated accommodation is as unique as the island itself. Surrounded by stunning scenery, on a remote island, the community has only 150 residents. With this remote feeling on the island, there is no airport on the island itself. This means the only way on and off is via boat or helicopter.
You can visit Prestegård on our Hidden Lofoten trip!


Utne Hotel

One of the most iconic hotels in Norway. Nestled on the coast of Utnefjord, this stunning hotel is in the heart of Hardanger. Utne hotel is one of Norway’s oldest hotels, running since 1722. For several hundred years the hotel has offered high quality care and attention to its guests, staying at this hotel is like entering a history book, surrounded by delicate architecture, décor and essence. Not only will you get a taste of traditional Norway here, but also the local apple cider tastings.
You can visit Utne on our Bergen, Trolltunga and the Best Hikes of the Norwegian Fjords trip!



Union Øye Hotel

Since 1891 this hotel has been bringing visitors from near and far. Royalty, writers, philosophers and travelers seeking peace and quiet have made the journey to Union Øye Hotel. Situated at the end of Norangsfjord, this hotel is more like a small, majestic castle. The atmosphere brings about a contemplative, serene and quiet feeling to seek refuge from the daily stresses. Union Øye Hotel is one of our most cherished accommodations.
You can visit Union Øye on our Trekking Tour Around the Norwegian Fjord Hjørundfjorden tour!


Nes Gard

Welcome to Nes Gard! The heart of Sognefjord. This guest house has a beautiful location and panoramic views of Lusterfjord and Feigumfossen, and was voted the travelers choice award two years in a row from trip advisor.  The simple and warm environment is renown for its personal service and extraordinary dining experiences.
You can visit Nes Gard on our Family Trip!


 Svinøya Rorbuer

A truly unique accommodation. Svinøya is in the heart of Lofoten, situated in the capital city of Svolvær. The accommodations are historical, refurbished fisherman’s cabins of high quality. While its authenticity remains, with preserved timber and craftsmanship, the current standing of the Rorbuers (or fishermans cabins) is of the utmost quality. Ideally located, the sea surrounds this beautiful location with the mountains on the distant islands dotting the horizon.
You can visit Svinøya on our Hiking Lofoten: Land of the Midnight Sun Tour!




An authentic, Norwegian DNT cabin. Gjendebu sits in the heart of Jotunheimen National Park. It is DNT’s oldest tourist cabin, built in 1871, although it has been expanded and modernized many times over the generations. At 990 meters above sea level, Gjendebu sits between the tourquoise green waters of lake gjende and the high mountains of Jotunheimen. A rich ecological setting, there are over 700 species of plants and animals in the area.
You can visit Gjendebu on our Hiking Jotunheimen trip!