Ski Expedition in Northern Norway

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Physical 4/6   Risk 3/6 4 days 5-14 participants From NOK 12 900

The trip across Finnmarksvidda has all the ingredients a good ski trip should have: Fantastic mountain terrain, many hours of skiing each day, sometimes a lot of changing weather and last but not least, the opportunity to see the northern lights. In the course of four days we go from Øvre Stilla and to Assebakti, via three of the mountain cabins located in the area. If you are curious about such polar expeditions, this can be a good place to start. Here, long days of skiing are combined with a nice level of comfort in the evening.


  • One of Norway's most beautiful nordic skiing trips!
  • Chances to see the northern lights along the way
  • Accommodation in cozy mountain cabins such as Joatkajavri, Mollisjok, and Ravnastua
  • The trip gives you a taste of the expedition life
  • Chances to see herds of reindeer along the way
  • Sauna in the evenings (at all the mountain cabins)

Nordic skiing adventures are closer than you think! This trip is in fact one of the most accessible ski expeditions we have in our country. From Alta Airport it is only 45 minutes to drive to the starting point of the trip at Øvre Stilla. And from here we go into the wilderness, towards Joatkajavri Fjellstue, and further across the mountain plateau towards Mollisjok Mountain Cabin and Ravnastua before we finally end up at Assebakti.

The ski trip across Finnmarksvidda is a nice starting point for people who want to try out longer ski trips, and not only that, this area is perfect on cold, cloudless winter evenings to see the northern lights. Here, the light pollution is almost zero, which makes the visibility completely unbeatable. Come join us on one of Norway's most beautiful skiing trips this winter!

Physical level and risk

So that you can have a good experience, it is important that you choose a trip that suits your ability level. The scales for physical requirements and risk are general. Therefore, it is important that you read more about the difficulty of the specific trip under “Details”. This will help you to gain an understanding of the level required and the risks involved for each specific trip.

Read more about physical requirements and risk here.

Physical: 4

To participate on a level 4 trip with us, you must prepare well and be ready for a real challenge! The trips are often longer than at lower levels, and the accommodation is often of a simple standard. Along the way, it will be both physically and mentally demanding, and it presupposes that you are prepared for this. You should do targeted training well in advance of departure. If the trip includes technical elements such as kayaking, cycling, climbing, glacier, skiing / summit hiking, you should have good skills in the relevant activity. Read more about the grading on our trips here

Risk: 3

Activities / trips with some risk. Some incidents may occur, and they may be of such a nature that they require professional help. Read more about the grading on our trips here

What's included

  • All accommodations
  • All meals
  • Professional nature guide
  • Transport within itinerary

See more of what's included under the "details" tab


Questions about the trip? Don't hesitate to contact our project leader below, or contact our office here.

Eirik B. Zwart-Nilsen +47 23213080




Level 4 out of 6. Please read more about our level of difficulty here.

The ski trip across Finnmarksvidda is approx. 80 km in total. The distances will vary from day to day, between 8 and 30 km. The trip does not require fitness levels beyond normal, but you should be in decent shape and have skied a lot before to get a positive experience from the trip. The terrain itself is relatively easy and flat. On this trip, you will learn routines and get information and tips on how to best plan and carry out a winter expedition on skis.


Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure places great emphasis on safety. If an accident occurs, know that you will get help quickly. We have 24h emergency preparedness at our office when someone is on a trip, so Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure can always be contacted if something happens during the trip. We demand that our local partners also place great emphasis on high levels of experience and understanding of our products.

Our guides are trained in first aid and have a selection of medicines and first aid equipment for necessary treatment in the field. Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure also has a collaboration with who can be contacted if you need medical advice.

NB: The weather on Finnmarksvidda can never be 100% trusted. We, therefore, take weather precautions on this trip. If there is too much wind, poor visibility, or other challenges, the guide from Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure will always put safety first. This can mean changes in the day-to-day program along the way.

NB - If you are on regular medication, have known allergies, or the like, you must always bring your personal medication with you.

What to bring?

Take a look at the equipment list by clicking on "Equipment list" in the menu above. On this trip, you have to carry your own backpack so it is important to pack as lightly as possible. The guide(s) from Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure will bring a pulk on the trip for other necessary equipment.

How to get there?

The easiest way to get to Alta Airport is to either fly from- or via Oslo with either SAS or Norwegian. Widerøe also has flights to Alta from several places in Troms and Finnmark.


We stay in simple but cozy mountain cabins along the way, and you will either sleep in double- or dormitory rooms. Single rooms will not be possible on this trip. We eat breakfast and dinner in the mountain cabins, and have lunch with us that we eat along the way. Only the first cabin have simple serving/drinks for sale outside of the regular meals. The mountain lodges do not have a shower, but there are opportunities for washing. All the mountain cabins have a sauna which will be available upon arrival. There is electricity in all the cabins, and it is possible to charge small electric devices (except during the night - power is turned off when we sleep).


Since you have to carry your own backpack, we recommend packing as lightly as possible so that you do not carry too many kilos across the plateau. This is very important for a successful trip. Use a backpack that you have used on a trip before, which also has a good hip belt. Remember windproof and waterproof clothing.


We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance for your trip. Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure is not responsible for any trip delays, injury, illness, loss of belongings, family emergencies, natural events, or other unforeseen issues that may hinder your ability to complete a trip with us.

Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure is an adventure holiday company, and with an active holiday, there is always a risk of something as simple as a twisted ankle to keep you from your vacation. With trip insurance, your flights, hotels, and travel costs can be covered if an unforeseen emergency hinders you from joining our tour, as well as coverage to fly home if necessary.

By purchasing travel insurance ahead of time, you can protect your trip and yourself from issues that prevent you from traveling, and rest easy to enjoy your vacation.


The guide will speak English.

Changes may occur

We reserve the right to make changes to the program, and the price. The day-to-day program is indicative, and changes may occur. Please have a look at our terms and conditions. 

Price includes

  • All local transport in Finnmark
  • All meals during the ski trip
  • All accommodation during the trip
  • All common equipment (such as navigation, communication, and satellite phone)
  • Experienced, locally known guides
  • Access to sauna (at all mountain cabins)

Not included in the price:

  • Personal equipment
  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Possible accommodation before/after the trip
  • Flights to/from Alta
  • Cancellation and travel insurance
  • Unforeseen expenses due to delays due to weather or safety assessments

Other information

If it is close to departure and we don't have available spots, please contact us. Maybe you will be able to join the trip anyway. 

Day by Day



To The Historical Øvre Stilla

Accommodation Joatkajavri Mountain Cabin
Meals D
Transportation 1 hr
Duration 2-4 hrs
Distance 8 km

Departure from Alta Airport approx. at 12:00 PM. From the airport, we drive up to the historically important place called Øvre Stilla. We choose the route based on weather and wind conditions and arrive at Joatkajavri Mountain Cabin in the afternoon/evening.



Skiing across Finnmark's largest lake

Accommodation Mollisjok Mountain Cabin
Meals B, L, D
Duration 9-11 hrs
Distance 30 km

We leave the nice hosts at Joatkajavri Mountain Cabin before we embark on approximately 30 kilometers of skiing in easy terrain, including the crossing of Finnmark's largest lake Iešjávri. The few meters we climb at the start of the day bring us up into the arctic plateau landscape. You will now truly have the opportunity to rest your eyes on a landscape that is as vast as it is beautiful. In the middle of Finnmarksvidda is Øvre Mollisjok, the mountain cabin that has been both home and workplace for the hosts for generations. At Mollisjok we will be served dinner, and if the weather is on our side, there are few places in the world where you have a better chance of seeing the northern lights.



Across Orroaigiellasat

Accommodation Ravnastua Mountain Cabin
Meals B, L, D
Duration 6-8 hrs
Distance 24 km

From Mollisjok we ski approximately 24 kilometers to Ravnastua. At the beginning of the day, we ski a little up in the terrain before we are on our way into an area that is known for a specific weather phenomenon. There are not many times the much-talked-about Hundevidda, or Orroaigiellasat (the Range of the Dog) as it is called by the locals, has been crossed in calm weather. With the hood over your head, you will get the feel of a proper expedition as we move in the direction of Ravnastua Mountain Cabin. Surrounded by thin forest, the cabin is beautifully situated in wild nature. Here we will be served a traditional dinner, and do not forget to write in the guest book before leaving tomorrow. 



The end of Finnmarksvidda

Meals B, L
Transportation 2,5-3 hrs
Duration 3-5 hrs
Distance 15 km

From Ravnastua Mountain Cabin we go in the direction of Karasjok. The first 9-10 kilometers of today's lap are in somewhat more hilly terrain than we have had so far, then at the end of the trip, we get a long, gentle hill down to Assebakti. When we arrive at Assebakti, we are right outside Norway's coldest place, Karasjok. The drive back is 2,5 - 3 hours depending on the weather, and on the way, we drive through a fascinating large landscape, with intriguing small communities. We plan to be back in Alta so that we can catch evening flights from 17:30 and onwards.


Equipment List

Take a good look at this list, and make sure you bring everything you need. We encourage you to use what you have for this trip and purchase items if you're missing something important on the list below. 

Layering is extremely important in a variable climate like Norway. This list will guide you through the essentials. Remember the Norwegian saying "There is no bad weather, only bad gear", and prepare appropriately for any weather. You can read about the weather where you're traveling here.

Please contact us at if you have any questions and check out our gear page to learn more.

We always recommend wool in the Norwegian Mountains, but if you already have synthetic layers and don't want to buy new ones, synthetic is okay. 


We highly recommend bringing wool underwear and a bra. No cotton.
2 sets of wool long-sleeved top and bottom. Warm, Extra Warm, or Expedition thickness is recommended. 
Bring an extra medium-thick layer to add underneath your medium insulated jacket in case you get cold easily. 
A medium thickness wool or fleece top to go over your base layer. 
Gore-Tex or similar is mandatory. Extremely important in Norwegian climate. The jacket must be waterproof, have a hood, and make sure you don’t get wet even if it rains all day. We recommend jackets with pit zips for ventilation. 
Waterproof shell pants. Gore-tex is best. We recommend heavier duty pants to keep you warm with zips for ventilation. 
A thick, warm, insulated jacket to put on during breaks. We recommend a puffy jacket with down or synthetic. 
1 thin pair of wool gloves to protect your hands. 1 pair of windproof over mittens for additional warmth and protection. 1 pair of thick wool mittens to wear inside the over mittens. 3 pairs in total. 
Durable skis with steel edges, leather clip-in boots, and backcountry ski poles. 
We recommend blue and green kick wax rating. If you want to use skins, we only recommend short skins. 
To have over your ski boots and shell pants in case of a lot of wind/snow. 
4 pairs, we recommend wool, above the ankle or higher. 2 thin. 2 thick. We recommend a 5th pair that are extra thick for evenings. 
Or similar. Must be lightweight and with low volume. To use when we are in the cabins.
Bed linen and a sheet bag are included in the cabins, but if you want to bring your own, you are free to do so.
Strongly recommended to insulate you from the ground.
Cozy, lightweight clothes to wear when we are not participating in outdoor activities - if there is room in your backpack.
Wool layer to protect your neck and face. 2 is recommended.
2 warm hats. 1 thick, 1 thin. One can have a windproof lining. 
Alpine snow glasses. To protect your face and eyes in snow, wind and cold conditions.
UV rated. Dark lenses. Plastic frames, not metal.
Make sure you bring extra batteries as they die faster in the cold. 
Backpack, 50-60 liter capacity. 
Insulated water bottles, 1-2 liter capacity. Should be able to contain hot water. Do not bring a camelback bladder, this will freeze in cold temperatures. 
1 liter, steel thermos. Make sure to have at least 2 liters of water capacity in total (bottles and thermos).
Personal basics: toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes etc.
Pain killers and blister tape/patches etc. And make sure you bring any personal meds you need on your trip, and ensure the Hvitserk office is updated on your allergies or needs. 
"TOILET KIT" for use during skiing. Remember a small plastic bag for used paper, wet napkins etc., as vi practice the rule of "leave no trace".
Cold cream is good to have in very cold weather.
May also be with compression straps. For storing your gear, keeping it dry, and compressing your down jacket to create more space. 
There is few or no possibilities to buy this at the cabins. Bring such as chocolate, power bars, nuts, hot drink powder etc. (We get mostly coffee and tea at the cabins).
For your small electronic devices.
If you would like to listen to music or an audiobook while skiing.
Be prepared for the cold. Insulating your camera will keep it working for the entire trip. We suggest bringing an extra battery pack. 
For sitting in the saunas in the evening. 
If youre a light sleeper.

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