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Thea Torvund Langeland

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Thea started in Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure in March 2020, and has several years of experience from the sports industry and DNT.

Thea joined Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure in mars 2020 after several years in the sports industry and the Norwegian Trekking Association. Thea is from a city close to Oslo called Drammen. In her childhood she spent a lot a time at her cabin exploring the mountain areas Skarvheimen and Hardangervidda. Thea has also traveled a lot in Norway, exploring hidden fjords and high mountains, and the mountain area Jotunheimen has a special place in her heart. When she is not working, you can find her hiking or cross country skiing in the woods surrounding Oslo, or skiing in the mountains.

Trips with Thea Torvund Langeland