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Seven Summits: The seven highest mountains in Norway in one week

Will this be a new classic in the Norwegian mountains? If you like a real challenge you can join us conquering the Norwegian Seven Summits in seven days!

Eastern Norway Level 5

8 days

Next departure: 07/24/2020 From NOK 29 900

8-day Hiking Adventure in the Hidden Norwegian Fjords

Hike in two iconic and dramatic areas of Norway: Romsdalen and Sunnmøre. Two of Norway's most beautiful mountain and fjord landscapes. Visit the famous Geiranger fjord and explore the less known but stunning terrain in Norway.

Norwegian Fjords Level 3

8 days

Next departure: 07/18/2020 From NOK 25 900

Trolltunga & Preikestolen Winter Adventure

Experience the quiet solitude of winter at some of Norway's most iconic landmarks. Both Trolltunga and Preikestolen lies deserted in all it's snow covered glory, majestic as always, but alone. The only ones there will be us. Sounds tempting?

Norwegian Fjords Level 3

4 days

No departures planned right now, tailor made possible. From NOK 13 990

Lodge-Based Kayaking in the Norwegian Fjords

Join us for a unique kayak and hike week in the heart of the Sunnmøre alps – on this trip our goal is to take you out off the beaten track. We travel in a small group and will focus on the magnificent nature that´s surrounding us. During this trip we´re visiting some of our real hidden gems in the Sunnmøre alps.

Hiking Adventure in Jotunheimen

It is easy to understand why this area has become a popular destination for nature lovers all over the world. Jotunheimen has magnificent scenery with breath-taking views from the summits as Norway's most famous National Park.

Eastern Norway Level 3

7 days

No departures planned right now, tailor made possible. From NOK 20 900

Icons of the Norwegian Fjords

Experience the three legendary hiking highlights of the Norwegian Fjords: Trolltunga, Preikestolen and Kjerag. Explore Stavanger and Bergen, and eat pancakes at sunrise on Preikestolen!

Norwegian Fjords Level 3

7 days

Next departure: 07/30/2020 From NOK 23 500

Bergen, Trolltunga, and the best hikes in the Norwegian Fjords

This tour is a mountain experience that combines the famous Trolltunga with remote mountain hikes. From Bergen, we travel to beautiful Flåm, and explore the most magnificent hikes in the local area, experiencing not only mountain peaks, but the vast beauty of Norway's Fjords.

Norwegian Fjords Level 3

6 days

Next departure: 06/28/2020 From NOK 23 500

Island Hopping in Northern Norway

This adventure takes you, by boat, to the most remote islands on the Helgeland Coast of Northern Norway. This tour involves travel by boat, hikes up beautiful mountains, and a sustainable focus by using local express boats as our means of transfer. The true beauty of this tour, is your connection and insight into local communities living on small islands off the coast.

Northern Norway Level 2

7 days

Next departure: 07/19/2020 From NOK 21 000

Family Adventure Holidays in the Norwegian Fjords and Mountains

A great family adventure to explore different activities within Norway. Glaciers, mountains, rivers and roads await you on this incredible journey through Norwegian culture.

Norwegian Fjords Level 2

7 days

Next departure: 08/01/2020 From NOK 23 000

Across Nordenskiöld Land, Svalbard

Backpack across Svalbard's incredible Arctic terrain. Polar bear watch, tents, historic accommodations and beautiful and remote scenery await you on this true adventure of a lifetime.

Svalbard Level 4

5 days

Next departure: 08/16/2020 From NOK 16 490

Hike Trolltunga, Preikestolen and Kjerag

Hike Trolltunga ("The Troll’s Tongue"), Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), Kjerag (Kjerag Bolten) in Norway, and trek Norway's third biggest glacier, all in just 6 days!

Norwegian Fjords Level 3

6 days

Next departure: 07/05/2020 From NOK 24 000

Hiking, Biking and Kayaking in the Norwegian Fjords

Exciting glacier walks, kayaking on beautiful fjords, spectacular hikes and a historic cycling are a few of the highlights on this week-long hiking, biking and kayaking tour in the Norwegian fjords.

Norwegian Fjords Level 3

6 days

Next departure: 07/12/2020 From NOK 22 500

Hiking Lofoten: Land of the Midnight Sun

Lofoten is one of the most iconic, dramatic, and stunning locations in Norway. On this tour, you will hike to beautiful mountain vistas, stay in traditional fishing Rorbuers, and explore Lofoten's pristine beaches and ocean environments.

Northern Norway Level 3

8 days

Next departure: 07/19/2020 From NOK 26 100

Hidden Lofoten: Hiking to the secrets of the Lofoten Islands

While exploring the most iconic areas of Lofoten, this adventure also takes you to hidden, secret vistas off the beaten track. While kayaking or hiking, you will experience the remote beauty of this dramatic archipelago.

Northern Norway Level 2

8 days

Next departure: 08/08/2020 From NOK 28 500

Hiking Jotunheimen Mountains to Fjords

Hike the Historical Route through the mountainous National Park of Jotunheimen towards the beautiful fjords in the West. Learn local history, stay in cozy mountain lodges, and hike some of the most famous and stunning trails Norway has to offer.

Eastern Norway Level 3

8 days

Next departure: 07/19/2020 From NOK 20 000