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The Total Norrøna Experience!

Activities and gear testing in Romsdalen

The Total Norrøna Experience!

Activities and gear testing in Romsdalen

From USD 573

Unique opportunity for Norrøna Loyalty-members! On this spring trip to Romsdalen, you get to live as Norrøna ambassador Asbjørn Eggebø Næss; cycling and skiing in his backyard, testing equipment from Norrøna, and enjoying long bright evenings outdoors with good food, bonfires and nice people - and last but not least, a relaxed, homely atmosphere!


  • Ski touring
  • Mountain biking/trail biking
  • Water activities
  • Climbing
  • Sauna
  • Meals consisting of the freshest, local ingredients
  • Bonfires
  • Testing Norrøna products

Join us for The Total Norrøna experience in Romsdalen. What does that include? A LOT! During these action-packed four days, you will get the chance to go ski touring, mountain biking, climbing and dive into different water activities. Experience the “Norrøna way of living", and get to know a group of like-minded people. Not a Loyalty member yet? Become one here. Welcome to nature!

Norrøna's ambassador Asbjørn Eggebø Næss invites you to a weekend in his own world - you spend the nights in a Norrøna tent in his garden, and are guided by Asbjørn himself and his good friends. Spring is often the best season to experience the outdoors. There are longer days where the contrasts can be pretty hefty. From up to the snow capped mountain tops, down to foamy shores at sea level where it's warm and dry. It’s possible to do activities the whole day while the birds chirp and the smell of spring lingers in the air. Trail/mountain biking and ski touring are at the top of the list, but May's long bright days combined with Romsdalen's varied nature offer great opportunities - and we can try both climbing and water activities such as fishing, SUP or freediving. Not least a refreshing bath followed by a relaxing session in the sauna. Exactly what we do - and when - is determined by the weather and conditions. We start every day with planning, and make full use of the opportunities we have. After full days of activity, Norrøna's ambassador Martin Blom will ensure that we are served a tasty dinner - based on fresh, local ingredients. We eat outdoors if the weather permits, otherwise we have the option of retreating into Asbjørn's boathouse. There will also be time for social activities and good conversations around the bonfire. In addition, we give you the opportunity to test some of the newest products from Norrøna - and some classics too!

You need to be a Norrøna loyalty-member to join. Not a Loyalty member yet? Find link in the text to become one.







Dates and booking

Thu 11. May - Sun 14. May 2023

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Guaranteed departure

Opening hours
Mon - Fri: 09 - 16

Opening time info (Holidays)



  • 24 hour emergency standby team
  • Guides with training in first aid
  • First aid equipment available
  • Cooperation with for medical advice while in the field

Safety and grading of trips

Physical level

3/6 Physical

On these trips, some of the stages are demanding. On level 3 mountain hikes, there are often some long stages, and / or a demanding summit push where it can get cold. You must stand up to reach the goal, and have a good training basis and good health before departure. We sleep in tents and / or in cabins and hotels, but you do not have to have experience with tent life to participate. If the trip includes activities such as kayaking, cycling, climbing, glacier, skiing / mountaineering, it is an advantage to have experience with this activity.

Safety and grading of trips

Risk level

3/6 Risk

Activities / trips with some risk. Some incidents may occur, and they may be of such a nature that they require professional help.

Safety and grading of trips

Activities and level

On this trip there will be a maximum of 14 participants and 3 guides. This way we have great flexibility, and can do our activities in small groups. The main activities will be trail/mountain biking and ski touring on skis/splitboards.

The level of these activities will be intermediate - that is, you must have some previous experience with both of these activities, and you must be in good enough physical shape to be able to take part in several activities every day. A typical day might be to eat an early breakfast, go skiing or splitboarding in the morning, then lunch and then trail biking in the afternoon. Sauna and coziness in the evening, and a good dinner of course.

The climbing and the water activities are just as much an opportunity to test something new, so here you don't necessarily need any previous experience. The climbing can for example be sport climbing or bouldering, and we will adapt the activity according to the weather, conditions and participants. If you have climbing shoes, bring these with you.

We can do water activities right at our base. We have wetsuits for loan, but you must bring your own diving mask/snorkel/flippers.

Accommodation and food

We have our base in Romsdalen, close to the town of Molde, at the humble abode of Norrøna Ambassador Asbjørn Eggebø Næss (his house and garden). This place of his is a pearl - located in the middle of the surrounding montains, and at the same time right on the shore.


You will be sleeping in Norrøna tents in the garden (no need to bring your own tent, we will provide this, but please bring a sleeping bag and mat). We can take a shower in the outdoor shower or a refreshing bath in the fjord.

All meals as mentioned in the program is included, and we eat in al fresco - either out on the go, or at our base. However, if the weather is too bad, we will provide a temporary roof over your heads, or move into the boathouse for dinner. Norrøna Ambassador Martin Blom will be in charge of providing mouthwatering dinners consisting of the freshest, local ingredients, right by the bonfire.

And, if you’re tired muscles are up for it in the evening, it is also possible to enjoy a sauna session or two. 

Practical information

It is practical to drive your own car, especially if you are going to bring both skis and bike. It is also possible to take a bus or plane. Asbjørn's place - and our base for the weekend, is situated 15 minutes by car from Molde Airport, Årø.

If you fly to Molde, you can take a bus or taxi from the airport (if many people are coming on the same flight, a pick-up can be arranged). It is also possible to take a bus to Molde. Attendance is set for 6pm, Thursday 11th of May 2023. It is also possible to arrive later in the evening if it is not possible to arrive at 6.

The trip ends on Sunday 14th of May 2023 at 4/5pm. If you are going to book a flight, departure should be 7pm at the earliest. If you take a bus, departure should be no earlier than 6pm.

Local transport around the area - all activities are within 30-60 minutes by car from our base. The guides have cars (and can transport bikes), and have room for somem people if they travel by plane or bus. Those who come with their own car drive themselves.



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What's included in the price


Aka swag/merch/cool stuff!

Not included

Participants drive themselves, but we have some seats for those who may have to take a flight or bus to Molde.

Changes may occur

We reserve the right to change prices. The day by day program is a guideline and changes may occur. You can refer to our general travel conditions for more information.

Travel insurance

On all our trips, we require you to have full health and accident insurance which will also cover any emergency transport home. Read more about travel insurance.

Equipment list

This list is intended as a guideline, so that we have what we need regardless of the weather we get on the trip. Remember that you can also get used hiking equipment that works perfectly. Get in touch if you have any questions: 004723213080 / TIP : We recommend that you have the most important hiking equipment in your hand luggage, for example hiking boots and gore-tex jacket/trousers.



We recommend wool underwear for both men and women. Wool sportstop is recommended for women.

Not too thick, bring more layers if necessary.

Wool or suitable material. Avoid cotton. Remember to allways bring dry socks with you, to prevent chafing. 

High enough to reach above the boot shaft is reccommended.

Fleece or wool. 

Medium thickness. Primaloft or down.

Gore-Tex or similar. Must have a decent hood, and hold out wind and rain. Should have space for midlayers underneath. Ventilation under the arms is recommended. 

Gore-Tex or similar. Must be waterproof and windproof,  zips for ventilation are recommended.

Warm ski mittens/gloves.

Pants/shorts, long or short sleeved shirt (wool or synthetic), thin and light windbreaker/rain jacket. Padded bike shorts if preferred. Dress according to the weather and temperature.


To hike up/down the mountain where it won't be possible to ski. Good sole and lightweight.

Shoes for mountain biking, flat sole or SPD is ok - bring what fits your pedals, and that you are used to/comfortable with.


30 liters or more with attachments for skies and ice axe.

You should be able to bring 2-3 litres of water.

High SPF, 30-50. Remember chapstick for lips and nose. 

Passport, tickets, bank card, proof of vaccination andproof of insurance. Remember to have a copy of important documents on your phone and/or somewhere in your bag. 

For protection against cold wind and snow.

Split board, ski touring or telemark skis. Poles with large/powder baskets. Check that your boots fits the bindings.

Make sure these fit your skis.

Make sure these fit your skis and bindings.

With new batteries.

Small, light and in aluminum (not plastic).

Comfort temperature down to -10 degrees (C).

Full suspension bike for mountain biking on trails.



Band-aid, compeed, sportstape, Paracet/Ibux, medicine for soar throat, running nose, irritable stomach, etc, and personal medication. 
We need to know about all medicines you are taking, in case something happens. 

Tooth brush, tooth paste, small towel, ear plugs, wet wipes, biodegradable soap, etc.

Nuts, chocolate, energy bars, etc.

To attach skis to backpack if necessary.

0,5-1,0 liter



For evenings and leasure days.


Slippers, crocs, sandals or similar.


Remember new/extra batteries.

We provide wetsuits, SUPs, climbing equipment beyond climbing shoes, fishing equipment and tents to spend the night in, as well as Norrøna products for testing. We also provide local transport of bikes.

Other gear and clothing mentioned in the equipment list is taken by the individual.

It is possible to rent a full suspension bike if you do not have this, or for example you have to travel with bus or plane, and it is difficult to take a bike with you. You check the box for this in the registration.

NOTE: Avalanche safety gear (transmitter/receiver, search probe and snow shovel) is mandatory on this trip, and you must bring this yourself.

TIP: If you are flying, we recommend that you have the most important equipment in your hand luggage, for example ski boots and Gore-tex jacket/trousers. Travel in your outdoor clothes.