Gear Advice

Welcome to Norway! No matter how experienced an adventure traveler you are, exploring a new place always holds surprises for how to prepare, and what the best practices are for the local area. We are a long country, ranging all the way from 58 degrees latitude to 71 degrees latitude on the mainland alone. That is a 13 degree latitude difference! Including Svalbard, at 81 degrees latitude, Norway offers a variety of climates in just one country. Our long and exposed coastline, ranging over 25,000km, brings weather over the Atlantic ocean and hits our coastline with heavy rains and wind. Our mountainous regions and deep fjords create dramatic shifts in climate that can change in a matter of minutes. We encourage you to read your equipment list thoroughly, and watch these gear oriented videos to give you some knowledge on how to prepare for your Norwegian Adventure! Please join our tours prepared, particularly when it comes to a high quality rain jacket, you'll be sorry without one! 


Check out our gear videos below:

Boots with Laine from Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure on Vimeo.

How to pack for your trip to Norway from Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure on Vimeo.

Advice on other essentials to pack in your pack from Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure on Vimeo.