Joffrey Thevenon

A French nature lover who spends his time exploring Scandinavian wilderness on his skis, by foot or on his bike.

Joffrey Thevenon

I am a French grown nature and outdoor lover who has fallen in love for the life and culture of Scandinavia.

I grew up close to the alps in France which were my playground as a kid and I always had a very strong connection with the outdoor, the nature and  the sense of freedom.

I stepped into Norway for my last year of my bachelor degree and never really left after falling in love with the place. I graduated in marketing and ended up becoming a wilderness guide.. The direction life takes us is incredible but it all made sense to me to share what I had learned to love the most in life while becoming truly myself here up north..

Before settling fully in Norway  I lived in Austria, Germany, Finland, France getting experience as a guide and as a person doing countless jobs in many different areas. But Norway has always been winning in my heart as it is where I really feel one with myself. So here I am, 10 years later: An outdoor guide, a photographer, ski instructor, mountain bike instructor, kayak guide tour leader and more. I have done a lot of tours all over Europe this past decade, always sharing my passion and love for the nature and meeting new faces which make every single day unique and exciting.


See you around in the Mountains


Trips with Joffrey Thevenon

Aug 2022
Hiking Lofoten: Land of the Midnight Sun
3 8 days 4-16 participants Included:
Fully booked
Guaranteed departure NOK 28 900
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