Britt-Ingunn Tafjord Walle

Britt-Ingunn Tafjord Walle

Britt is born and raised in a tiny village on the west coast of Norway. She could bearly walk before she had developed an unconditional love and addiction for nature, wildlife and split 'boarding.

Britt has worked for the Norwegian Tourist Association for many years, and started as a guide for Hvitserk in 2018. She is educated within sport science and osteopathic medicine, but her passion for nature keeps pulling her back into the outdoor. If shes not working shes either out biking, splitboarding, hunting or skiing for weeks in the wintercovered Mountains of Norway.

Already at the age of 11 Britt started hunting in the steep mountains of the Westcoast – and this is where her adventurous search for trips off the beaten track started. She has a deep interest for how nature shaped the Norwegian culture and always try to go where others don't.  Britt is her most true self when out in the mountains, her positive attitude and relaxed nature makes her an excellent guide and a great person to spend time with exploring norwegain nature. 

Trips with Britt-Ingunn Tafjord Walle

Aug 2020
8-day Hiking Adventure in the Hidden Norwegian Fjords
3 8 days 4-7 participants Included:
NOK 25 900