Aslak Westlie

Aslak Westlie

Aslak is a hilarious Nordlending (Northern Norwegian) who is passionate about bringing people into nature and the diversity it has to offer.

Aslak is from Bodø, and has grown up with outdoor life on the north coast. He enjoys campfire tours, trout fishing and mountain scrambling as the main ingredients, but eventually this northerner opened his eyes to the many steep mountains in the area. His favorite trips go to the northern mountains; traverses in the midnight sun and sea mist, bonfires on the shore with the coffee boiler cooking, quiet days with backpack and fishing rod in the coastal and inland mountains, good friends on tour with the good conversation and the silence only nature can offer. 

Aslak has worked as an activity leader at a camp school on the Trøndelag coast, and is educated as an Arctic Nature Guide on Svalbard. His aim with the guidance is to give people a real taste of nature, and invite reflection in our modern relationship with nature. And, not least, to find the true feeling of being on a trip.

Trips with Aslak Westlie

Apr 2021
Svalbard - Nordenskiold Ski Expedition
4 7 days 4 - 14 participants Included:
Limited availability
NOK 13 500
May 2021
Crossing Svalbard Ski Expedition - East to West
4 9 days 6 - 12 participants Included:
Limited availability
NOK 25 500