Our Guide Team

Anna Nystedt

A dedicated adventurer that can be found anywhere in any season, as long as its outside.

Aslak Westlie

Aslak is a hilarious Nordlending (Northern Norwegian) who is passionate about bringing people into nature and the diversity it has to offer.

Bjørn Stange Ankre

Born, raised and based in beautiful Oslo, with a great passion for the mountains and the desolate arctic environments.

Bjørnar Sørensen

Bjørnar has always been fascinated by the Norwegian nature; the view from the top of a mountain, quiet forests, roaring waterfalls, narrow fjord landscape, the ‘blue hour’ during winter, aurora borealis…

Britt-Ingunn Tafjord Walle

Britt is born and raised in a tiny village on the west coast of Norway. She could bearly walk before she had developed an unconditional love and addiction for nature, wildlife and split 'boarding.

Cato Leganger

Born and raised in Hardangerfjord, Cato has taken his love of nature from youth to his professional life exploring the world outside.

Eira Midtgaard

An outdoors lover since birth, Eira always seeks adventure and the quiet of nature.

Eirik H. Iversen

Three words that define Eirik? Adventurous, curious and addicted to nature.

Elise Koren

Loves the outdoors and has a genuine wish to show others the joys of nature.

Frida Halvorsen

Frida loves the outdoors in any context. Campfire and relaxing or climbing big walls, she loves it all. Currently studying to be a paramedic in Tromsø, Frida will take care of you on any adventure.

Hanne Hollås

A true lover of the outdoors, with a great belief in nature as therapy for body and mind.

Joffrey Thevenon

A French nature lover who spends his time exploring Scandinavian wilderness on his skis, by foot or on his bike.

Johanna Johansson

A Swedish Guide who loves to adventure, challenge herself and discover new places.

Jostein Heidenstrøm

An adventurous and active guy who has a great passion for nature and adventure based travel.

Julie Korneliussen

This northern Norwegian thrives in the arctic climate and has spent years traveling the world to experience new nature and cultures.

Kristin Brandtsegg Lome

A geologist by education and mountain guide by heart.

Laine Smith

An adventurous spirit with a passion for connecting people to wild places. Laine is a part time mountain guide and works part time in the office for Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure.


Liselotte Kahrs

A true nature lover and educated Arctic nature guide, passionate about kayak and hiking experiences.

Lone Olafsen

An active lover and instructor of outdoor activities, Lone spends her time in the beautiful mountains of Sunnmøre teaching Norwegian youth about Physical Education.

Marit Vadet

A climbing enthusiast who is always searching for the next adventure.

Marit Vidnes

Marit loves to be out, regardless of season and activity. Kayak instructor, experience hiker, and CEO of Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure.


Michael Wenseth

A outdoorsy fellow originating from Bodø.

Morten Rostille

Morten has studied outdoor life, sports, culture, and development studies in different parts of Norway and in Zambia. He has lived permanently on Svalbard and has done guide studies there.

Raymond Jenssen

Raymond is born and raised on the island Røst in Lofoten! He uses all his spare time up in the majestic mountains of northern norway. Lofoten is his favourite place to go hiking. He has also climbed Kilimanjaro and mount Fuji in Japan!

Rolf Østby

A sincere and versatile guy who would like to show you why he loves the outdoors.

Sigrid Mohn Thane

A devote nature lover from youth, Sigrid is full of passion for the outdoors and sharing it with people from around the world.

Torbjørn Opheim

A competent Arctic guide with a love for history, dogs and mountains.