Our Team

Our Team

Eirik Nilsen

The lover of cross-country skiing, travel and walking in the mountains.

eirik@hvitserk.no +47 23213080

Karin Schøyen

A dedicated adventurer, hiker, and cross-country ski enthusiast.

info@hvitserk.no +47 23213080

Laine Smith

An adventurous spirit with a passion for connecting people to wild places.

laine@hvitserk.no +47 23213080

Magnus Hendis

Passionate climber, and lover of high altitude mountains. Magnus have traveled the world on his search for new adventures.

info@hvitserk.no +47 23213080

Mari Clèmentine Østgaard

An avid mountain biker, skier and lover of the outdoors.

mari@hvitserk.no +47 23213080

Marit Vidnes

Kayak instructor, ski expedition enthusiast, and the CEO of Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure.

marit@hvitserk.no +47 23213080

Thea Torvund Langeland

An adventurous soul, passionate hiker and cross-country ski enthusiast

thea@hvitserk.no +47 23213080